Carl Lander


C3 Financial Services

Carl Lander will enliven your next conference, training, or professional development with his passion for helping others become the best they can be in the area of personal finance.

His enthusiastic and dynamic speaking style makes him a uniquely qualified speaker on a host of financial wellness topics.

As a small business owner his careful management of both his company’s finances as well as his personal finances, combined with his training, qualifies him to coach others.

He challenges his audiences to dig deep and examine motivations for wanting to improve their financial situation. What are you chasing and why? Those answers influence your behavior with money more than you realize.

Carl will help you discover your WHY to help you and your team win.

Carl believes that regardless of our financial position, everyone, including himself, benefits from positive reinforcement, hope and encouragement, and that compelling thread runs through all his speeches and seminars.

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Carl can bring your company a financial wellness program that gives your employees help and hope with their personal finances.  These programs are available in 60-90 minutes, half-day, and full-day options.  To find out how to offer these programs in your workplace, contact Carl today.  

My Programs


Relationships & Money

Healthy communication is critical to financial and marriage success. Learn how to have meaningful and positive money discussions that will enhance your relationship. Relationships and Money provides practical tips for improving Communication, enhances Cooperation and leads to a Commitment that will last a lifetime.

Budgeting & Planning for Emergencies

The secret to winning with money is living on less than you earn. Participants will leave this workshop with motivation and tools to immediately experience success. Budgeting & Planning for Emergencies will provide realistic steps to reduce the stress of budgeting and teach you how to develop healthy habits including budgeting, using cash and planning for emergencies.

Tackling Debt

One of the most common financial goals is to become debt free, but most are overwhelmed with the thought of where to start. Tackling Debt will not only teach participants how to quickly pay off debt, it also provides inspiration and hope on how becoming debt free can be a reality.