5 Tips to Spend Less for Vacation

We all like to go on vacation and there’s nothing wrong with that!  However, a lot of times we over-spend on vacation.  We treat ourselves to things we normally wouldn’t buy because we’re “on vacation.”  With vacation season in full swing, here are 5 Ways to Spend Less for Vacation.

  1. Buy your airline tickets in advance

The cost of flights goes up dramatically as it gets closer to your trip.  Buy your tickets at least 3 weeks before your trip to get a lower fare.

  1. Avoid baggage fees

When using an airline that has checked baggage fees, avoid the $25 or $35 charge for checking bags by only having a carry-on.  You can pack a lot of stuff in a carry-on that meets the carry on size requirements.

  1. Stay at hotels with free food

Many hotels offer free breakfasts and some even offer free evening happy hours with heavy hors-devours.  Some hotels even provide free dinner vouchers for their on-site restaurant when you stay with them.  Do pay attention if the hotel that says “breakfast available.”  More than likely you have to pay a per person charge.

  1. Find free Entertainment

Before you even get to your destination, find out free events taking place while you’re there.  Also check the local paper when you get there.  There are usually lots of free events or stuff you can do for little or no cost.

  1. Visit friends and family

Have friends or family that live out of town or in a different state?  You probably want to see each other other than at weddings and funerals.  Plan a visit with friends or family and make memories that last a lifetime!

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